Staging Your Home To Sell

Stage your home for a quicker sale

Staging your home for sale means more than cleaning the kitchen and re-arranging furniture

First impressions mean a lot … particularly in real estate. When you see a home, you immediately have an opinion about the neighborhood, homeowner and the value of the home. So, if you’re trying to sell your home, let Keller Williams Realty Huntsville help you with the staging.

Staging focuses on the desires of the home buyer

It may sound like something from Hollywood but it’s so important to have your home looking its best for a prospective buyer; not looking its best for you. You want to sell the home; not keep it. And since the job of a real estate agent is to please the client, the agents will guide prospective buyers to homes they will hopefully purchase. Staging a home is more than re-arranging the furniture and hiding the family photos. It is a business decision with an all-important financial return on the line. A key part of staging is an agents’ grapevine. Keller Williams Realty Huntsville agents talk to other agents and other realty agents talk with Keller Williams Realty Huntsville agents because they are all looking for the best home on the market. If your home is attractive, it will be shown more often which means more chances for a sale and a shorter time on the market. In short, it could bring you cash quicker, saving you your valuable time.