Distressed Sales - Short Selling and Other Options to Foreclosure

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Options for homeowners facing financial hardship

Short sales are an option to foreclosure

Foreclosure - It’s a word that carries a lot of emotional weight to those in financial difficulty. Foreclosure also carries a lot of financial weight with life-long ramifications and consequences.

In Huntsville, while the foreclosure rate has been in a steady decline for nearly a year, there are still hundreds of homeowners who face life-changing financial hardships. Job loss and changes, divorce, illness and investment losses can lead to possible foreclosure of a home. But there is an alternative to foreclosure. It’s called a short sale and it’s similar to situations where people in debt work with their creditors to get their debt reduced.

A short sale is a sale to a buyer where the seller’s lender agrees to accept less than the full amount owed. Keller Williams Realty Huntsville has agents who are trained and have closed short-sale transactions, helping people avoid the costs of foreclosure. Take the time to consider a short sale. It’s not for everyone but it can be for you.

A short sale can minimize the damage to your financial future

There are several important reasons to go through the short-sale process instead of foreclosure. The most important is that a person will always have to disclose a foreclosure when applying for credit, be it another mortgage, a credit card or even a government-insured loan. Also, your credit score is lowered by as much as 300 points per loan because of foreclosure while short-selling affects the score by about half that. Your job prospects can be affected as well because some businesses ask about foreclosure on job applications. In Huntsville's job market, security clearances are vital to many, so it makes sense to protect your career by minimizing the future damage caused by having to make tough economic choices today.

Real estate professionals to assist in moving forward

Keller Williams Realty Huntsville has some of the top distressed and short sale agents in this market. They know where to find buyers, and how to negotiate the buyer’s offer effectively with lenders and get the deal closed — so the homeowner can move on with life and recover. Our Keller Williams agents know the community and may be able to help the home seller find their new housing. An experienced REALTOR can direct short sellers to financial professionals to help minimize the current and future financial liability and damage. These are difficult and emotional decisions - it is important to get help to make the best choices. Browse through the profiles of our agents - we're certain you'll find several that you'll feel comfortable working with. Or if you'd prefer, contact us today and let us know your situation so we can connect you with an agent that can help.

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